Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Fishermen

On Monday Graham was invited to go fishing with two friends. These aren't friends from school. He didn't meet them at youth group. I guess you could say they are a couple of guys from the neighborhood that have the same summer schedule he does. Plus, they have something none of his other friends have: a fishing boat.

When I dropped him off yesterday morning, I advised him that he should listen to the counsel of the more experienced fishermen. I told him that if he wasn't sure of something, ask. And, I reminded him that they had years of fishing wisdom under their belts, so he should take advantage of this opportunity to learn a thing or two about catching trout. He assured me that he would pay attention to all that they told him to do.

So as the story goes...the more mature gentlemen did start the day by giving Graham some fishing tips. Their insights must have been right on the money, because Graham came home with 5 fish: three rainbow trout and two cut throats. But his friends were completely skunked! Neither of them caught a thing. Graham said that they were pretty free with the advice-giving for the first part of the day, but after a while they told him, "Don't listen to us, just keep doing what you're doing!"

Mmmmm , Mmmmmm. They sure were good!

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