Monday, August 18, 2008


These two hundred and eighty seven letters, hand signed by every family member, were carried two blocks to the Spangle Post Office today. My index fingers are blistered from hand folding each one--but don't worry about me, I will recover. The letter that was posted today asks for financial support for Four For France. The text book that David has been reading about raising support states that a poorly written fund raising letter receives about a 3% return rate, while a well written letter might garner 14%. In our case, and assuming our letter is well written, 14% would be only 40 responses. Forty for France would be nice...but if only 40 respond, each would have to pledge $187.50 per month in order for us to reach our monthly fundraising goal. I keep trying to do the figure out how in the world God is going to get us fully funded. I play mind games like: 40 people at $187.50/month, or 75 people at $100/month, or 100 people at $75 month, or 8 people at $250/month plus 50 people at $100/month...on and on, trying to puzzle it out. But it simply isn't up to me. It isn't even up to a "well-written" letter. It is all in God's hands. The money. The timing. And the people. In fact, we know that the people are of greatest importance to God, and He will call those who are to give and those who are to pray every bit as surely as He has called those of us who are to go. And so now we wait.

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