Saturday, August 16, 2008

Separate Vacations...sort of

This week the Williamsons had adventures in three different locations:

Graham spent Monday through Thursday at Dickey Lake Bible Camp with his cousin Austin. Dickey Lake is nestled in the mountains of Northwest Montana, just west of Whitefish. They had all sorts of Junior High fun, including witnessing the consumption of worms, all out paintball wars, and wet-sponge-dodge-ball on a greased tarp. He also said that the worship was good, the teaching was great, and he got a boost in his relationship with God.

Chandler and I spent Monday through Thursday back at Swan Lake, doing all the usual Swan Lake stuff, and some fun extras. On Tuesday we went tubing down the Swan River, which we had never done before but hope to do again. Then on Wednesday night, David's mom treated both of us to a play at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse, where we saw Paint Your Wagon. As we were waiting for the play to begin, Chandler spotted one of the actors and recognized him! The guy had directed this year's Missoula Children's Theater Production at his school, in which Chandler played the Town Crier. Small world!

David spent the week here at home. But he was not alone. He spent most days at work, but he spent the evenings getting to know our new laptop computer. They are now very intimate. Almost inseparable. And he took Thursday off...because our dear Libby was dog-sick, and he didn't want me to come home to a mudroom covered in, well, dogsickness! (Yes, I felt very loved!) Not exactly a vacation for David, but he does bring home the bacon and hold down the fort like a trooper.

Today we are all back home, so happy together. We are looking forward to a weekend dedicated to getting our second missionary letter ready to mail on Monday. This one will go to over 300 families and churches, and it invites people to give financially. God's work in France is going to require a strong team of many supporters. We are excited to see who God is calling to be a part of His team. We pray that Four for France becomes Forty for France...or even Four hundred for France!

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