Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That is SO Blog-able

Okay. I'll admit it. I am a blogging addict. It is my latest obsession. I think about it way too much, and my family tolerates me with great patience. They do, however, offer their guidance as to what parts of their lives are considered "blog-able."

Take David. He doesn't want me to publish the blog about the many self-portraits he has given me through the years, but when he was away at an airshow he took a picture of a woman with a cat on a leash, and told me that I should blog about it. Cat-on-a-leash is funny, but not as funny as his self-portraits, which sit in my censored file.

Graham, who does not appreciate having the details of his life splashed across the Internet for all to see, has made me promise NOT to post certain photos of him on my blog. Awesome pictures...blog-able pictures, sit unpublished on my desktop so as to NOT offend my oldest son. I spent five minutes this morning trying to talk Graham into letting me post a picture that David took of him in an Incredible Hulk pose, but he wasn't having any. I even offered to pay him, which piqued his interest, but what he wanted to charge me (something close to what People Magazine paid for pictures of Brad and Angelina's twins) was not in my budget.

Chandler, however, is much more willing to be the topic of my blogs in both picture and story. But I realized I had even pushed his limits last night while we were watching the Olympics. During beach volleyball snippets of music are played in between volleys, and during one such interlude, Chandler stood up and started dancing. His dance looked like something from a chorus-line, and Graham commented, "Chandler, you don't dance the can-can to rock music!" I burst out laughing, and Chandler turned to me sternly and said, "Mom, that is NOT blog-able!" Oh but it is! Not so much the fact that Chandler was dancing the can-can to Led Zeppelin, but the fact that he knew I was already composing a blog about it in my mind!
By the way, Chandler did relent, and this blog was posted with his consent.

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