Sunday, August 31, 2008

We Blew It.

It wasn't the first time. It won't be the last time. But today, David and I blew it. You see, all summer long our boys have been asking,"When will we go to Silverwood?" Silverwood is this great theme park and water park in Sandpoint, Idaho. Both of our boys had earned a free one-day pass to Silverwood for reading for a certain number of hours during the school year, so they were anxious to enjoy the fruits of their labor. All summer long we have struggled to find a day when we could go together as a family. The passes were about to fact the water park (which is the best part) closes at the end of August. So we PROMISED the boys we would go today. This morning, we got up and got ready to go. We had the swimming suits packed. We were heading for the car. I went to retrieve their free passes, and my heart stopped as I read, "This ticket is not valid on Saturdays in July and August." We can't go tomorrow because David leaves for Dallas at noon.

So, what to do? We gave the boys several options, apologizing for our error. They were gracious good sports (recovering quickly from their initial devastation). We offered to do a number of things that would cost the same amount of money that David and I had been prepared to spend on our entrance fees to Silverwood. They chose lunch at Royal Panda followed by a couple of games of Laser Tag at Laser Quest. We did have fun, albeit not the fun we had planned. David won laser tag, and the boys got like 5th and 6th place. Despite my amazing killer instincts I came in 22nd out of 25 people. Some kid (code name: McLovin') kept tagging me.

I think the best part of Laser Tag is the code names you get to choose. See if you can figure out which of us chose which code names. We were:


"Dark Knight"



(Hint: I was NOT Maverick!)


  1. Did you want a response? Well I love order of the pictures - Chandler, Graham, Jenn and David. Sounds like you came up with a great plan for the day....... xoxoxo

  2. I hate that you kept getting tagged by McLovin- you might not want to share that in mixed company! :) Sounds like a fun day was had by all- Silverwood or not!

  3. Yes, but she did not say that "McLovin'" came out of the game the second time through (and he looked quite dejected - we think he got the boot for improper behavior). Of course, he was only 11 or 12 years old. By the way, Who was that Masked Marksman? :-)