Thursday, July 5, 2012

Little Things that Make me Smile

A good book! Last weekend I read a novel by Anita Diamant entitled Day after Night. It is about 4 Jewish women who meet in a detainment/refugee camp in the Holy Land after surviving the Holocaust in Europe. It was tragic, well-written, and a tribute to the human spirit. 

Receiving a phone call in French! While talking on the phone in French is still scary for me, I do find  a certain delight in answering the phone and hearing a French speaking friend on the other end. It makes me feel like I live in France--which, you know, I do.

Pilates! I recently added Pilates to my weekly exercise schedule. I am still running three days a week, but I have started doing Pilates two days a week. I thought that working our 5 days a week would be tiring, but in fact I feel more energetic and I am sleeping better.

A date with my husband! Last Thursday afternoon, David (and Gemma) and I went to a café, where we sat outside and had a drink. We talked about everything and nothing, and when we finally went home my love tank was filled to the brim.

A road trip with my family! Tomorrow we load up the car and drive to Germany! We will spend the weekend in a medieval village called Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and then a week in the Black Forest where we are attending a GEM retreat for missionaries who are in their first term on the field.

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  1. Will you be at BFA?? My family almost taught there for a year, but we ended up in Vienne.