Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Missing Piece

Over a month ago we completed a 1000 piece puzzle of Le Mont Saint Michel. Well, we almost completed it. 999 pieces were snugly in place, while one rogue piece was no where to be found.

It wasn't a particularly interesting piece, just a small part of the clear blue sky. I wouldn't even call it an importance piece. But still...without it, the puzzle was incomplete. So, for weeks we searched. We left the almost-finished work out in our dining room, hoping to finally find the missing piece so that we could triumphantly place it in its spot. 

Anyways, this week David and I are doing some Spring Summer Cleaning. We are taking an hour each day to focus on one room--doing the things that get over-looked in my weekly attempts at housekeeping, like wiping down baseboards, washing windows, and chasing dust bunnies from under all of the furniture. Today we chose to clean the dining room and decided at long last to take apart the puzzle and put it away, along with the folding table that had been its resting place these many weeks.

David disassembled and boxed the 999 pieces, then he began to fold up the table. As he turned the table on its side, what should fall from its center crack but a small, blue puzzle piece.

Found, but too late!

And just then, a Richard Foster quote that I read this morning went through my head:

"How we need to be prodded out of the ruts of self-centered activity we call living!"

Are you a missing piece in the puzzle of God's kingdom? What will prod you out of your rut?

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