Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Obsession

Most who know me well would attest to the fact that I have only a few obsessions. Among them are hazelnut gelato, reading, politics, and THE OLYMPICS!

To say that I love the Olympics would be a gross understatement. Before the Opening Ceremonies, you could've counted the number of hours that I have watched TV this year on one hand, and you would've had fingers left over. Since the opening games, I have spent every possible moment glued to the Games.

I adore the swimming, the gymnastics, the diving, and the fencing; but, I'll even watch the handball, the judo, the ping-pong, and the water polo. I find all of it mesmerizing.

I enjoy watching it in French, I appreciate seeing their take on the whole spectacle; however, I miss seeing the Americans compete. The only time we get to watch Team USA is when they are competing against a French person or if they are in a medal round. On the bright side--the US makes it to a lot of medal rounds!

So, if you don't hear from me over the next several days, fear not. All is well. I am simply indulging in the pure joy of the Olympic Games. After the closing ceremonies, this station will return to it's regularly scheduled program random chaos.

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